PM Hun Manet Outlines Sustainable Urban Development Plans

: Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Manet has outlined two key principles to guide the future development of Phnom Penh. This said at the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of twin flyovers at the intersection between Samdech Techo Hun Sen Blvd. and the National Road , at the border between Phnom Penh capital and Kandal province yesterday.

The first principle focuses on proactive planning, anticipating the city's needs before they arise. This aligns with the Phnom Penh Master Plan on Land Use 2035, ensuring all development adheres to this long-term vision.

Secondly, the Prime Minister emphasized the importance of adapting construction projects to Cambodia's evolving economic and social landscape. This ensures the city remains functional and meets the changing needs of its residents.

PM Hun Manet also urged the Phnom Penh administration to embrace modern technologies. He highlighted the use of security cameras, solar lights, and automatic irrigation systems in public parks as examples. These advancements contribute to a more attractive, luxurious, and “smart” city, aligning with ASEAN's vision.

Environmental concerns were addressed as well. The Prime Minister stressed the importance of increasing green spaces to combat rising temperatures and greenhouse gases.

He also emphasized the need for better drainage and flood prevention infrastructure to safeguard Phnom Penh from flooding and increase its resilience to climate change.

Finally, acknowledging the growing number of vehicles in the city, PM Hun Manet encouraged private companies to invest in modern car parking solutions to address this pressing issue.

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