Cambodia Focuses on Model Villages to Boost Rural Development

PHNOM PENH: Svay Rieng province in is at the forefront of a national push to improve rural livelihoods through the development of model villages. Minister of Rural Development, HE. Chhay Rithy Sen, praised the efforts of Svay Rieng's Department of Rural Development during a recent visit.

Minister commended the department's work over the past six months, highlighting their contribution to the achievements of both the province and the Royal Government's goals. He outlined four key priorities for the Ministry's rural development strategy:

  • Building a Strong Foundation: This involves improving infrastructure and communication networks in rural areas.
  • Enhancing Living Standards: Ensuring access to clean water, sanitation, and overall better living conditions is a key focus.
  • Driving Sustainable Development: Empowering model villages is seen as crucial for long-term economic and social growth.
  • Investing in the Future: Strengthening institutions and good governance is vital for sustained progress.

Minister Sen emphasized the role of model villages in achieving the first phase of the government's “.” This ambitious plan aims to transform Cambodia into a high-middle-income nation by 2030 and a high-income country by 2050.

He urged the Svay Rieng department to leverage their past successes and strive for continued progress. He also emphasized the importance of ethical practices, including internal unity, cooperation, transparency, and equal treatment for all.

This renewed focus on model villages signifies a significant shift in Cambodia's rural development strategy. By fostering sustainable development and economic opportunities, the initiative aims to directly improve the lives of Cambodians living in rural areas.

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