PM raises 7 particulars for the Cambodian development

PHNOM PENH: The Prime Minister of Cambodia, Samdech Techo Hun Sen, on October 6, 2022, at the “Cambodia Vision 2022” conference speech, made seven high recommendations as additional inputs to address challenges and seek opportunities for Cambodian development.

As an additional contribution, Samdech Techo Hun Sen delivered the Royal Government’s views, reflections, and guidance:

  1. Encourage investment in the health sector to build a strong health system capable of assisting and protecting people from Covid-19 and other pandemics that may occur in the future.
  2. Strengthen and expand the social assistance and social security system in a more targeted manner, especially by encouraging people in the informal economy to join the system and obtain protection.

3.​ Development of human resources, including both knowledge and skills, to boost economic                   productivity and shift the economy from a low-skilled labor-intensive to a skills-based                           economy.

  1. Small and medium-sized enterprise development is a top priority, with technical and financial assistance, improvements to the business environment, and encouragement of systemic economic participation.
  2. Promoting better implementation of Cambodia’s “Digital Digital Economic and Social Policy Framework 2021-2035,” “Digital Government of Cambodia Policy 2022-2035,” and other related policies
  3. Promoting green economic development and climate resilience is also an important part of promoting sustainable socioeconomic development by promoting green infrastructure construction, energy transition, and sustainable development.
  4. Implementing the Public Financial Management Reform Program to allocate more funds to priority sectors, increase public investment resources, preserve Cambodia’s fiscal independence, and implement policies and interventions.

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