IDI takes part in Siem Reap investment forum

: On Monday, November 20th, 2023, the Innovation and Development Investors Association (IDI) and ID Capital Plc. (IDC) actively participated in the Siem Reap Investment Forum, held at the Memoire Palace Resort & Spa in Siem Reap.

The delegates were led by Mr. Chap Sopheak, IDI's Secretary General, and IDC's CEO, Mr. Kiriroath Chhoeung, IDI Member and CEO of Krud Alliance Power.

The forum was organized by the Mekong Institute and brought together key stakeholders from the provincial government, tourism departments, business associations, investors, and development funding partners.

The forum aimed to establish a solid foundation for fostering sustainable and smart city initiatives through strategic collaborations among the various participants.

Day one of the forum yielded several promising takeaways for IDI, including potential involvement in a Cambodian Whisky joint venture project, participation in a hospitality school joint venture/matching project, collaboration on a tourism app joint venture project, exploration of potential collaboration with an international business association in Korea and opportunities for collaboration with Frontier for impact investment fundraising.

IDI remains committed to investing in Cambodia's development and welcomes opportunities to collaborate with like-minded partners to achieve shared goals. Let's join forces to foster a brighter future for Cambodia.

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