A big group of Japanese investors pays a visit to Kingdom

PHNOM PENH: Over the weekend, approximately 50 Japanese investors led by the President of the Business Association in Cambodia met with successful Cambodian business people to learn about the potential and opportunities in the country.

Following the post-Covid-19 crisis, Cambodia reopened its doors to foreign investors. As a result, many investors are flocking to the country in search of opportunities.

According to Mr. KANDA Yogo, President of the Japan Business Association in Cambodia, approximately 50 Japanese companies that are members of the Japan Business Association in Cambodia have met with well-known and successful business people to learn more about Cambodia and get ready to invest and increase investment in Cambodia.

Companies that have learned more about Cambodia come from a variety of industries, including banking, construction and real estate, insurance, manufacturing, and others.

Mr. President also stated that more Japanese companies will invest in Cambodia in the near future. Cambodia, like the rest of the world, has been affected by Covid-19, which has reduced foreign investment, but it will no longer fall, but will instead stagnate and continue to recover.

During the meeting, Dr. In Channy, President and CEO of ACLEDA Bank Plc., informed the investors about the country's investment potential and demonstrated the government's economic actions. He pointed out that, while the global economic situation has resulted in higher inflation, the rate of increase has been slowing. Cambodia's inflation is manageable by the government.

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