Cambodia’s construction investment reached $31 billion in five years

PHNOM PENH: The country’s political stability and social security in while development in all fields, both domestic and foreign investment in the construction sectors has been strong and has contributed significantly to national economic growth.

Cambodia has attracted 19,322 investment projects in the construction sector in the last five years, with a total investment capital of 31,484 million US dollars and a construction area of 71,459,233 square meters.

From the start of implementation in 2000 to the first six months of 2022, 57,590 construction permits with a total construction area of 166,623,891 square meters and a total investment capital of 66,205 million US dollars were issued nationwide.

There are 2,472 high-rise projects with 5 or more floors, as well as 482 housing estates and condominiums, across the country. Simultaneously, Cambodia has issued construction business licenses to 3,244 companies studying business design and construction.

Cambodia also provided 542 professionals with professional design studies and issued construction inspection and certification licenses to three construction companies. There are 1,451 registered architects, 82 professional architects, and 31 ASEAN architects in total.

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