$60M Nat’l Road 21 transforms borders and boosts development

PHNOM PENH: The 21 project in Kandal province spans 63.6 km and stretches from the Takhmao roundabout to the Chrey Thom bridge at the Cambodia-Vietnam border. The construction site opened in April 2015, with the project scheduled for completion on March 23, 2022.

The project has a construction period of 46 months and an estimated cost of approximately $60.92 million, and is being constructed by HANSHIN Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd with technical inspection by DASAN Consultants Co., Ltd.

This project is of great significance to both the national and individual economies as it will facilitate the transportation of people and goods along various strategic roads like National Road No. 2 at Takhmao roundabout, Second Ring Road, Third Ring Road, National Road 21A, and National Road 21B.

The road spans three cities and districts: Takhmao, Saang, and Koh Thom before reaching the Cambodia-Vietnam border crossing at Chrey Thom-Long Binh.

It plays a vital role in supporting all kinds of transportation, particularly of agricultural products and goods between Cambodia and Vietnam, as well as promoting the development and growth of border areas into significant zones of development.

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