Two foreign companies eye Cambodia for new investments

PHNOM PENH: During a meeting, the Minister Attached to the Prime Minister in charge of Foreign , International Relations, and Governance Reform, Preap Kol, discussed investment opportunities in with a delegation from two foreign companies.

The first company was Shannxi Construction Engineering Group Corporation Limited, represented by Chairman Yan Yongjun, and the second company was Glory Energy Storage Tech, led by CEO An Yemin.

Cambodia boasts immense potential across various sectors such as special economic zones, factories, agro-industrial enterprises, infrastructure, and energy, making it an attractive destination for investors.

The Royal Government of Cambodia offers several advantages for foreign businesses and companies that invest in the country, including beneficial factors and a conducive business environment. Additionally, Cambodia is politically stable and has reliable infrastructure, among other advantages.

Both companies expressed their wish for Cambodia's continued support and collaboration as they explore investment opportunities in the country. They are optimistic that they can make significant investments in the future, ultimately benefitting Cambodia's economic growth and creating jobs for the Cambodian people.

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