Thriving in Kampong Thom: A Sharing Program for Business Success

PHNOM PENH: The Cambodian Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the Kampong Thom-Preah Vihear Chamber of Commerce, recently held a business growth sharing program on July 2nd, 2024, at the Kampong Thom Royal Hotel. The event, titled “Investment opportunities in Kampong Thom,” aimed to connect business owners and provide valuable insights for growth.

Over 70 business owners attended the program, gaining valuable knowledge about investment possibilities in Kampong Thom province. The event fostered collaboration and experience exchange, allowing participants to gather fresh ideas for business development.

The program was presided over by His Excellency , Deputy Governor of Kampong Thom Province. , Vice President of the Kampong Thom-Preah Vihear Chamber of Commerce, and Mr. Horm Kim Chheng, Acting Director of the Project Analysis and Encouragement Department, also shared their expertise during the event.

The program received strong backing from the Cambodian entrepreneurial community. Wing Bank (Cambodia), Innovation Investment Association and Development (IDI), and the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and all members of the Kampong Thom-Preah Vihear Chamber of Commerce all generously sponsored the event.

Oknha Tan Mony delivered the closing remarks, expressing his appreciation for the program's success. He highlighted the opportunity for business owners to gain new knowledge, address challenges, and discover effective solutions from guest speakers. These insights will empower them to propel their businesses towards long-term success.

Kampong Thom: A Fertile Ground for Investment

Kampong Thom boasts immense agricultural potential. According to the Kampong Thom Provincial Administration, the province cultivates rice on a staggering 253,300 hectares, with an average yield of 4 tons per hectare. The province also possesses 30 rice drying mills, each with a capacity of 3 tons per hour.

Kampong Thom's robust rice production translates to roughly 600,000 tons annually over the past five years. This yield not only fulfills local food requirements but also generates a surplus of approximately 500,000 tons for export.

Kampong Thom benefits from a well-developed transportation network. The province features four major waterways exceeding 1,000 kilometers in total length, along with five key national roads connecting it to five other provinces: National Road 6, National Road 62, National Road 71, National Road 50C, and National Road 60B.

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