Cambodia Makes Strides in Exporting Aquatic Products to China

PHNOM PENH: The Cambodian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries reported on Monday that the country has exported around 38 tonnes of aquatic products to China in the first five months of 2024 [AKP].

This marks a significant development for 's fishery sector, expanding its export portfolio beyond traditional agricultural products like milled rice, mangoes, bananas, and longan.

Live mantis shrimp, live eel, frozen eel, and frozen freshwater glass shrimp were among the first batches of aquatic products exported to China.

During the National Fisheries Day celebration held on July 1 in Kampong Cham province, Prime Minister urged relevant parties to focus on improving quality control, safety standards, processing capacity, and developing fishery value chains. These advancements are crucial for strengthening the competitiveness of Cambodian fishery products in both domestic and international markets, according to the Prime Minister [AKP].

Prime Minister Hun Manet also called upon development partners and the private sector to provide more support through technology transfer and access to capital, including low-interest financing, to further promote aquaculture and processing of Cambodian fishery products.

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