South Korean giant tech firm to sign investment deal with Cambodia

PHNOM PENH: A South Korean giant technology company, Wannabe Group, will sign a memorandum of understanding for cooperation with the of Cambodia for investment with business partners in Cambodia.

In a media interview on his arrival on Oct. 19 at Phnom Penh International , the Chairman of Wannabe Group, Dr. Jeon Young-cheol, said the deal will include the establishment of a Metaverse technology school and support stem cell technology in Cambodia.

Through metaverse technology, a world created using virtual technology to resemble the real world, people can interact globally for various purposes, including doing business, he said.

Cambodia is preparing to embrace modern technology, so it is necessary to ensure handy experience and skills to enter the technology society smoothly and be able to take great advantage of development, he continued, adding that it is the purpose of his investment.

Founded in 2016, Wannabe Group envisions supporting the advancement of IT and technology knowledge and skills to embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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