Sihanoukville gets new cardboard factory with $3 million investment

PHNOM PENH: Sihanoukville has given the green light to a new cardboard factory project proposed by Cobber Packing (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. The factory, which will manufacture cardboard, paper products, packaging materials, and related accessories, represents a significant of over US$3 million.

The project received approval during a meeting of the Preah Sihanouk Provincial Sub-Committee on Investment on April 17th. The committee not only approved the investment proposal but also registered the project, paving the way for its establishment.

Cobber Packing (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. plans to set up the factory in Ou Chamnar Village, Ou Chamnar Village, Ou Oknha Heng Commune. To facilitate the process, the Provincial Department of Industry, , Technology and Innovation along with the Investment Sub-Committee Secretariat will work together to prepare a decision establishing the factory. Once the relevant ministries and institutions provide authorization, the company will be issued the necessary licenses and registrations to begin operations.

This approval highlights Cambodia's continued support for industrial development. The Capital-Provincial Investment Sub-Committees, established in June 2022, play a key role in this by reviewing and approving private investment projects with a capital range up to US$5 million within their jurisdiction. These committees are chaired by the Governor and include directors from relevant departments.

The new cardboard factory is expected to create jobs and boost the local economy in Sihanoukville Province.

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