Run Taek poised to become a model city

PHNOM PENH: Prime Hun Manet has pledged to prioritize the development of Run Taek Development Area, aiming to transform it into a model city within the near future.

This commitment was made during a recent gathering in Run Taek with residents who had relocated from the Angkor area.

The Prime Minister emphasized the significance of Run Taek's planned transformation, noting that although it is a newly established development project, its progress has not faltered.

He commended the swift construction of essential infrastructure, including housing, roads, schools, health centers, and utilities like clean water and electricity, within both Run Taek and the adjacent Peak Sneng Development Area.


Samdech Thipadei's vision for Run Taek extends beyond mere infrastructure development. He envisions it becoming a thriving model city, setting the standard for urban development within province.

With its strategic location and the dedicated efforts of both government and residents, Run Taek is poised to become a vibrant and flourishing community.


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