Royal Group unveils new 120-hectare SEZ in Kandal

PHNOM PENH: April 1, 2024- The Royal Group Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone (RGPPSEZ) is off to a strong start in 2024, boasting a 5% increase in export value for the first two months compared to the same period last year. With a target of breaking their annual export record of USD 2 billion, RGPPSEZ is poised for continued growth.

This year also marks a significant expansion for the economic zone. The highly anticipated grand opening of Tsusho Manufacturing (Cambodia) Co., Ltd., the assembly plant for Toyota vehicles, is on the horizon. Additionally, Metal Jewelry (Cambodia) Co., Ltd., the first French investor and the zone's first venture into fashion jewelry production, will be starting operations soon.

But the biggest news lies in the establishment of a brand new project: The Royal Group Kandal Special Economic Zone (RGKSEZ). This new zone spans approximately 120 hectares and seamlessly connects to the existing RGPPSEZ via a newly constructed bridge over the Steung Prek Thnout river. With soil backfilling already underway and basic infrastructure nearing completion, RGKSEZ is expected to welcome new investments as early as this year.

The demand for expansion is evident, with a current RGPPSEZ tenant securing nearly 100 hectares in the new zone. This expansion is projected to create a staggering 20,000 new jobs for Cambodians.

RGPPSEZ isn't just focused on growth; sustainability is also a major priority in 2024. They plan to significantly increase rooftop panels, upgrade their wastewater treatment plant, and explore ventures utilizing recycled plastic waste. Their ultimate goal is to transform the zone into a Zero Emission SEZ.

With a busy year ahead, RGPPSEZ remains committed to exceeding customer expectations and achieving their ambitious action plans. This expansion and focus on environmental responsibility position RGPPSEZ for a future of continued success and positive impact on Cambodia.

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