Ministry of Public Works plans to build tourism standard port in Kampong Cham province

PHNOM PENH: A standard along the Mekong river in Kampong Cham province has been planned for construction to facilitate the docking of cruise ships.

Delegations of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport and Kampong Cham provincial administration have recently inspected and evaluated the location of the river in Kampong Cham city for the tourism port's construction.

The ministry's spokesperson H.E Phan Rim said on Mar. 29 that thanks to the project, Kampong Cham province will have a standard port for cruise ships so that national and international tourists can visit tourism resorts in the province.

“The current port where the cruise ships dock is not yet good, which leads to the need for a standard port that is safe and aesthetically appropriate for international cruise ships to dock at,” he said.

According to the spokesperson, the results of the inspection and evaluation showed that the condition of the selected location is favourable, with large area for port infrastructure, such as waiting room for tourists, toilets and others.

The technical team will continue to conduct a more detailed study of technical condition, flow of waterways, challenges and potential obstacles on the waterway.

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