Kandal Province beckons Singaporean investors with its promising potential

PHNOM PENH:– December 15, 2023 – Kandal Province, a Cambodian region brimming with agricultural wealth, industrial prowess, and strategic location, recently rolled out the welcome mat for a delegation of Singaporean investors.

Deputy Governor Nou Peng Chandara, representing Governor Kong Sophoan, warmly received the delegation on December 13th, eager to showcase the province's diverse investment landscape.

Mr. Chandara painted a vibrant picture of Kandal's strengths, emphasizing its fertile lands ideal for agriculture, burgeoning industries offering exciting prospects, and its position as a key gateway to neighboring Phnom Penh.

He highlighted the province's robust infrastructure, including the soon-to-be-operational Takhmao 4F International Airport, poised to further boost and economic activity.

The Singaporean delegation, seeking fertile ground for their investments, recognized Kandal's unique connectivity within Cambodia, acting as a crucial crossroads for business and trade. Mr. Chandara expressed his unwavering confidence in a fruitful partnership between Kandal and Singapore, pledging dedicated support to unlock the province's vast potential for mutually beneficial ventures.

This meeting marks a significant step towards unlocking Kandal's potential as a magnet for foreign . With its rich resources, strategic location, and supportive government, the province is poised to emerge as a key player in Cambodia's economic landscape, attracting businesses and investors from across the globe.

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