Kampot international tourism port to be officially inaugurated by year’s end

PHNOM PENH: Kampot International Tourism Port (KITP), located in Teuk Chhou district of Kampot province on an area of 4.5 hectares, will be put into temporary use in the third quarter of 2024 and into official use at the end of this year to welcome increasing number of national and international tourists and boost the national economy.

The information was shared by H.E. PENG Ponea, Minister of Public Works and Transport, in a discussion about the progress of KITP development with H.E. Pen Bona, Minister Delegate and Head of the Royal Government Spokesperson Unit posted on the ministry's Facebook page on May 5.

The minister continued that KITP, whose construction began in Aug. 8, 2018 and ended in June 30, 2022, was a part of tourism infrastructure development project under an 's financing of US$9.27 million.

Even though the construction was completed, the port has not yet been put into use because an operation company with enough capital (from US$5 to US$10 million) and experience to dig deeper and wider waterway are required along with more detailed study of navigation techniques, installation of navigation aids, and investment in the port's safety infrastructure to ensure that KITP becomes a full tourism port in accordance with national and international standards, H.E. Minister explained.

H.E. PENG Ponea continued that once in operation, KITP will give many benefits such as creating new international seaport for the country for connection from archipelagos in Cambodia to countries in the region and the world, increasing trust among local and international visitors, providing job opportunities and more incomes for local people and enterprises, as well as supporting key policies and measures of the Royal Government to promote tourism sector, augmenting national economic profit and so on.

The minister further added that, though Cambodia has now a total of 119 ports and port terminals, of which two are international ports – Phnom Penh Autonomous Port & Sihanoukville Autonomous Port, 88 along the river, and 31 at coastal areas, they have still not met the real needs of the country' geographical areas.

In this regard, H.E. PENG Ponea said transport ministry has also been preparing Cambodia port master plan 2050.

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