“Investors’ Success is Cambodia’s Success,” says DPM at ASEAN-Cambodia Business Summit

PHNOM PENH: Cambodia's First Deputy Prime Minister, HE , emphasized strong ties between investor success and national prosperity during his keynote address at the . Held on April 2nd, the Summit attracted dignitaries, ambassadors, and business leaders to discuss Cambodia's potential as a prime investment destination.

Titled “Cambodia – Gateway to ASEAN,” the Deputy Prime Minister's speech highlighted several key advantages for businesses considering Cambodia. The country's strategic location in the heart of ASEAN, a region with a population of 670 million, offers access to a vast market. Cambodia's political stability, strong macroeconomy, and young, dynamic workforce – with 60% under the age of 25 – further solidify its attractiveness.

Deputy Prime Minister Chanthol emphasized the Cambodian government's commitment to fostering a thriving investment environment. Their “Pentagon Strategy” focuses on five key areas: developing human resources, improving infrastructure, leveraging technology for public services, and prioritizing investor needs through continuous improvement of the business environment.

The Summit itself delved into critical themes for the region's future, including developing a sustainable energy network with a focus on renewable energy, leveraging Cambodia's strategic position as a gateway to ASEAN, and promoting inclusive growth through technology.

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