FTB now joins CamDX membership

PHNOM PENH The Foreign Trade Bank OF CAMBODIA ()  has successfully met all the technical prerequisites and testing obligations to become a member of the Platform (CamDX). This achievement means that the bank can now use an e-KYC solution called CamDigiKey, in the form of Open KYC APIs for Verification, which is available on CamDX.

CamDX has been joined by 11 Banking and Financial Institutions, including Hatta Bank, Wing Bank, and ACLEDA Bank among others. Additionally, two members from the insurance sector, FWD Life Insurance (Cambodia) Plc and MGA Asia Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd., also joined the platform.

With the recent addition of the FOREIGN TRADE BANK OF CAMBODIA and other new members, CamDX aims to enhance the financial ecosystem by providing an efficient and secure platform for data exchange and promoting financial inclusion.

CamDX stands for Cambodia Data eXchange, which adopts the model of X-Road of Estonia. CamDX is a unified yet decentralized data exchange layer between information systems that offers a standardized and secure way to provide and consume services. CamDX ensures confidentiality, integrity, and interoperability between a multitude of different data exchange parties.

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