Dr. Kim Heang tips on which type of potential land to invest

PHNOM PENH: Oknha Kim Heang, President of KW Cambodia, stated that agricultural land is a type of land used for cultivation; however, he believes that purchasing agricultural land for profit is a bad idea due to the size of the agricultural land.

He defined land for tourism development as “land that can serve the tourism sector in areas with a high visitor volume, such as mountains, rivers, and the sea.” Because land in the mountains is usually several hectares in size, it is difficult to raise the price of land near the mountains.

However, if the tourism land is near a river or the sea, the price may rise due to the small amount. Industrial and residential land are the most profitable types of land.

The tycoon revealed with the Property Area that industrial land is land that can be used to build factories and because the construction of factories attracts a large number of people and generates a lot of economic activity, the price of land is rapidly increasing.

Residential land is a type of land suitable for the construction of a Borey. This type of land is constantly increasing in value and is simple to resell at a profit.

“Residential land is profitable and simple to sell,” he explained. Although industrial land is profitable, it lags behind residential land. Land for tourism services until it reaches the sea and the river. “Agricultural land has been bought and sold for the past five years,” he said.

According to Dr. Kim Heang, if the land is next to the expressway, it will not only be unprofitable, but it will also be stuck because the expressway does not allow breaks.

In terms of land in the area, he believes that buying land for profit in this area is a bad idea because Cambodia has a population of about 3 million people in Phnom Penh, and the new Phnom Penh International Airport is about 30 kilometers away. Furthermore, there is insufficient infrastructure in the surrounding area.

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