Danong Agricultural Development Group to invest $12.7 billion in Cambodia’s Smart Agriculture Project

: A Chinese business delegation from Danong Agricultural ​Development Group (DADG) met with government officials in Phnom Penh yesterday to announce a $12.7 billion investment in Cambodian agriculture. The investment will cover a total area of 750,000 hectares in six provinces.

DADG is a leading agricultural company in China with a long history of success in modernizing and commercializing agricultural production. The company's investment in Cambodia is a major vote of confidence in the country's agricultural potential.

Senior government officials welcomed the investment in a press conference yesterday, saying that it would help to boost Cambodia's agricultural sector and create jobs for thousands of people. They also noted that DADG's expertise in modern agricultural practices would help to improve the quality and productivity of Cambodian crops.

DADG President Zhao Shujie said that the company plans to invest in a variety of agricultural products, including rice, , corn, and fruits. He also said that DADG will build infrastructure to support the logistics of exporting Cambodian agricultural products to China.

“We believe that Cambodia has great potential for agricultural development,” said Mr. Shujie. “We are excited to partner with the Cambodian government to help make this potential a reality.”

The $12.7 billion investment by DADG is a major milestone for Cambodia's agricultural sector. It is a sign of the growing confidence that foreign investors have in the country's economy. The investment is also expected to create thousands of jobs and boost economic growth in rural areas.

DADG's investment is a welcome development for Cambodia. It is a sign that the country is open for business and that the government is committed to creating a favorable investment climate. The investment is also a vote of confidence in Cambodia's agricultural sector. It is a recognition that Cambodia has the potential to become a major agricultural producer in the region.

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