Danong Development Group to invest in Cambodian agriculture

PHNOM PENH: Yesterday, a Chinese business delegation from Danong Development Group paid a courtesy call to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to discuss their plans to invest in the agricultural sector in .

The delegation was led by President Zhao Shujie, who briefed the Minister on the Smart Agriculture Project. The project aims to establish a vertically integrated agro-industrial complex in Cambodia, with animal and crop breeding farms, grassland farms for animal feed, livestock farms, and cassava farms. All agricultural products from the complex will be sold in both the Cambodian and Chinese markets.

The Minister supported the project but emphasized the importance of careful planning and research. He advised the delegation to study the potential of Cambodia's agro-industrial sector, supply chain, and value chain, and to ensure their project is market-oriented, efficient, and sustainable.

The Minister also offered the assistance of the Ministry's staff in helping the delegation to develop their project plans. He said that the Ministry would not interfere in the company's internal affairs, but would be happy to help them with any issues related to exporting Cambodian agricultural products to China.

President Zhao Shujie thanked the Minister for his time and advice and said that the delegation would be visiting some provinces with potential for agro-industrial investment in the near future.

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Bunsamnang Be

Hello dear Danong ,
My name is Bunsamnang Be, i am from Cambodia 🇰🇭,
I saw a news, you have a big plan to investing in Cambodia and i have so many good deal with the best price of land in Cambodia like, Sihanoukville, Stung Treng Province, Mondol Kiri Province ,Ratanak Kiri Province and another province with very low cost, and very good price,

I have a good deal in 1 place at Sihanoukville, Sting Hao district and no far from City of Sihanoukville and its really good price only 12$ per smq
10000m2 is around $80,000-$120,000
Because the owner have financial crisis. So you can make the big deal and small deal with this good price in Cambodia 🇰🇭 with me, i have Chinese speaking and also English speaking available for discussion,
Welcome to Cambodia 🇰🇭

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