Cambodia’s top 6 agricultural investment destinations in 2023

PHNOM PENH: In 2021, the Cambodia-Australia Agricultural Value Chain Program (CAVAC) conducted a study on high-value crops with export potential as part of the Cambodian Government's drive to diversify the country's agriculture portfolio.

Different from most existing value chain studies, this study looks at the demand in key markets. After applying a set of filters, nine crops/products were selected as having the best prospects for future development and export.

The report assesses the characteristics of each crop in the context of market intelligence, global of certain varieties, technical requirements, standards, and opportunities for Cambodia to penetrate global markets as a new player.

Cambodia is a land with the potential growth of numerous crops but there are the top destinations investor should consider before of any and it's recommended by CDC's 2023 Handbook on Investing of Cambodia:

Battambang: Bordered by the country's major freshwater resource, the Tonle Lake, the province contains fertile soil that is suitable for growing ‘thirsty crops' and has historically been the main rice provider of the country. Main crops: rice, cassava, corn, banana, mango, and mung beans.

Kampot: The province's strength is in rich low-lying land, which is optimal for crop cultivation. Moreover, with its unique soil quality, the province produces the world-famous pepper known as “Kampot pepper”. Main crops: pepper, rice, durian, banana, mango.

Kampong Cham: One of the key locations for agriculture businesses in Cambodia, the province is highly populated and is located along the Mekong River. Main crops: rice, cassava, pepper, sugarcane, rubber.

Kampong Speu: Like Kampong Cham, the province has a large labor force and ample natural resources. This province also has the protected geographical indication (GI) of “Kampong Speu palm
sugar”. Main crops: mango, palm fruit, sugarcane.

Kampong Thom: With over 290,000 hectares available for rice cultivation, Kampong Thom holds significant potential in the agriculture sector. Situated at the center of the country, this province benefits from more efficient distribution of goods to other provinces. Kampong Thom is renowned for its ability to cultivate a variety of crops, including cashew nuts, rubber, corn, beans, and cassava.

Mondulkiri: The favorable climate of these ‘highlands' plus the abundant natural resources and fertile land have made Mondulkiri become one of the potential locations for agriculture investment. Main crops: cassava, cashew nuts, avocado, coffee, pepper.

Nine export crops/products – mango, dried banana chips, longan, avocado, cashew, sweet potato, chilies, sesame, and palm sugar – were shortlisted using the methodology above. The crops/products selected are in very strong demand globally, driven by powerful marketing campaigns and supported by effective sector marketing.

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