Malaysian investors see Cambodia as a safe and stable place to invest

PHNOM PENH: Cambodia and Malaysia have strong and long-time economic ties. As of February 2022, there were 162 Malaysian investment projects in Cambodia worth more than $3.2 billion. This makes Malaysia one of Cambodia's most important trade and investment partners.

Mr. , vice president of the Cambodia-Chinese Commerce Association (CCCA), has said that the bilateral relations between Cambodia and Malaysia play an important role in attracting Malaysian investment.

He noted that Malaysia was the first investor in Cambodia during the first mandate of the government and that major investment groups such as Cambodia Public , Maybank, and Malaysia Airlines are now present in the Cambodian market.

Mr. Vichet said that Cambodia needs FDI from the rest of the world, especially its ASEAN neighbors and RCEP members, to develop the Cambodian economy in all areas. He noted that the good diplomatic relations between Cambodia and Malaysia, as well as the lack of visa requirements since the 1990s, have made it easy for businesses to operate in both countries.

Mr. Vichet also said that investors are interested in Cambodia's political stability, young workforce, and multilingual skills. He noted that the Cambodian market is favorable in dollars and that the depreciation of the Ringgit has increased the return on investment for Malaysian investors.

The Cambodian government is committed to expanding trade with neighboring countries and members of other international agreements. This will create even more opportunities for Malaysian investors in Cambodia.

In conclusion, Cambodia and Malaysia have strong economic ties that are likely to continue to grow in the future. This is good news for both countries, as it will help to boost economic growth and create jobs.

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