Cambodia’s National Road No. 10 Nears Completion, Featuring Country’s Tallest Bridge

PHNOM PENH: Great news for travelers and the Cambodian economy. The construction on No. 10, a key artery linking Battambang, Pursat, and Koh Kong provinces, is nearing completion with over 83% of the project finished as of May 2024. This impressive project also boasts the distinction of featuring Cambodia's tallest bridge.

The 198.5-kilometer road, stretching from Samlot to Koh Kong via Veal Veng, is being built as a Grade III double-bituminous surface treatment (DBST) road, offering a wider and more durable surface. Initiated in December 2019, the project is on track for completion in June 2025, marking a total construction duration of 66 months.

Mrs. Mithona Phu Thong, Governor of Koh Kong Province, had stated that once this road is built and operational, it will make it easier for people to commute, visitors to visit, and products to be transported more swiftly and efficiently.

“National Road No. 10, or National Road No. 1551, which runs through Pursat from Samlot district in Battambang province to Khemarak Phoumin district in Koh Kong province, is a vital economic artery for this coastal region,” she explained.

Progress across various aspects of the project is impressive, with road construction exceeding 87%, bridge construction surpassing 91% including significant progress on the record-breaking 530-meter-tall bridge, and the drainage system nearing completion at nearly 99.8% for cross-road drainage and 89.8% for roadside drainage and retaining walls.

While the road is currently accessible, travelers are advised to exercise caution during the rainy season. Some sections are still red gravel and might become slippery in heavy rain.

National Road No. 10 represents a significant leap forward in Cambodia's infrastructure development. Upon completion, it will provide a smoother, more efficient connection between these provinces, promoting economic activity and regional integration. This vital project not only improves transportation but also sets a new benchmark for Cambodian bridge construction.

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