Cambodia Seeks Investment Boost for Infrastructure Projects at International Infrastructure Forum in Singapore

PHNOM PENH: Cambodia is aiming to unlock economic growth through infrastructure development, and a recent trip to the Asian Infrastructure Forum (AIF-2024) in Singapore served as a key platform to attract investment.

HE Heng Nan, Secretary of State, led a Cambodian delegation on behalf of HE. Peng Ponea, of Public Works and Transport. They actively participated in the forum and even co-hosted a discussion program titled “Unlocking Growth Through Infrastructure Development in Cambodia.”

The two-day AIF-2024 held from 4th-5th June, brought together government officials, private sector representatives, and financiers from across Asia to discuss infrastructure challenges and solutions. Cambodia used this opportunity to showcase its most pressing infrastructure needs and priority projects.

Presentations focused on five key areas:

  • A Comprehensive Master Plan for the Cambodian Transit and Logistics System (2023-2033): This plan outlines strategies to streamline Cambodia's transportation and logistics networks.
  • Small and Medium Development Project: This project aims to develop ports specifically designed to facilitate the export of Cambodian agricultural products.
  • Phnom Penh Logistics Center (PP LC) & Sihanoukville Logistics Center (SHV LC): These two projects involve the development of major logistics hubs in Cambodia's key cities.
  • Wastewater System and Landfill Improvement Project: This project focuses on improving sanitation and waste management infrastructure in Cambodia.

Cambodia estimates that a total of $36.6 billion is needed to complete these and other prioritized infrastructure projects. The presentations at AIF-2024 aimed to attract investment from development partners, international institutions, and regional investors to bridge this funding gap.

This move highlights Cambodia's commitment to infrastructure development as a key driver of economic growth. By attracting investment for these projects, Cambodia hopes to improve its transportation networks, boost agricultural exports, enhance logistics capabilities, and modernize its sanitation and waste management systems.

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