Cambodia’s cashew exports down but sector poised for long-term growth

PHNOM PENH: Cambodia exported more than 610,000 tons of raw cashew nuts worth $831 million in the first 10 months of 2023, down nearly 16.7% from the same period in 2022, according to data from the Cashew Nut Association of Cambodia.

The average price of dried cashew nuts is $1,658 per ton, according to the Cambodian Cashew Association. For October, dried seeds cost 7,000 to 7,500 riel per kilogram or $1,900 per tonne.

Cashews are a strategic crop that the has been paying attention to and promoting. The government aims to make Cambodia the world's largest exporter of cashews.

The Royal Government has launched the National Cashew Policy 2022-2027, a roadmap that focuses on three major strategic goals, production strategy, processing strategy, and sustainable strategy.

The government also aims to make Cambodia a market leader in the cashew industry. Cambodia has great potential for growing cashews. Cashews are a very useful crop and are easy to grow.

According to data from the Cashew Nut Association of Cambodia, the current cultivated area of cashew nuts is about 700,000 hectares.

In 2021, the world production of raw cashew nuts was about 5 million tons, of which Cambodia produced 1,180,000 tons, accounting for 24% of total production. This made Cambodia the largest producer of cashew nuts in the world. In 2022, Cambodia produced 690,000 tons, second in the world.

The Cambodian government is committed to developing the cashew sector. The government is investing in research and development, providing extension services to farmers, and promoting the use of improved cashew varieties.

The government is also working to improve Cambodia's infrastructure to facilitate the export of cashews. The Cambodian government is confident that Cambodia can become the world's emperor of cashew exports.

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