Cambodia’s Auto Industry Gets Boost: PM Encourages Toyota to Partner Locally for Parts and Training

PHNOM PENH: Exciting developments are underway for Cambodia's automotive industry. Tsusho Manufacturing (Cambodia) recently announced plans to establish a Toyota Academy in the country, signaling their commitment to Cambodia's automotive potential.

During a meeting between Toyota's Managing Director and Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Manet, the academy plans received strong support. The Prime Minister, however, emphasized the importance of a broader training scope.

The academy should equip students for the overall needs of the domestic and international automotive job market, not just cater to Toyota's specific needs. This collaborative approach could be achieved through either an independent academy or a partnership with an existing government training school.

Looking beyond immediate training needs, Prime Minister Hun Manet played a key role in shaping the future of Cambodia's auto industry. He urged Toyota to consider two key areas for local partnership:

Parts Manufacturing: The Prime Minister encouraged Toyota to explore manufacturing Toyota spare parts in Cambodia. This wouldn't just serve the Cambodian market, but potentially reach international markets as well, positioning Cambodia as a key regional player.

Local Supplier Network: The Prime Minister also championed partnerships with local Cambodian companies to supply accessories for Toyota vehicles. This would foster a strong local supplier network within the industry.

This move by Toyota, along with the Cambodian government's focus on local partnerships, signifies a commitment to building a skilled workforce and boosting Cambodia's automotive sector. The academy, along with potential parts manufacturing and local supplier partnerships, has the potential to create a robust ecosystem for Cambodia's auto industry.

This year kicked off with a significant milestone for Cambodia's auto industry: the inauguration of the first Toyota assembly plant run by Toyota Tsusho Manufacturing (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. in the Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone.

This new car assembly factory, representing a total investment of nearly US$37 million, employs 150 people and boasts the capacity to assemble 1,320 cars in 2024. The production focuses on two popular models – the Toyota Hilux Pickup (1,030 cars) and the Toyota Fortuner SUV (290 cars).


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