Cambodia sees the green light for a high-speed rail project 

PHNOM PENH: Following the recent inauguration of the Phnom Penh-Sihanoukville Expressway, Cambodia is preparing to begin construction on a new high-speed infrastructure project to adapt to the country's growing transportation and logistical demands.

Samdech Techo , Cambodian prime minster announced on December 22 in Sihanoukville, at the opening of Road 146B connecting to Street 148, that Cambodia would build high-speed railways to connect its capital Phnom Penh with Sihanoukville and Sihanoukville with Thailand.

Prime Minister further stated that because Cambodia already has a railway, building high-speed rail does not require much time. He continued by saying that Cambodia needs internal connections to lessen hardships, eradicate poverty, and raise living standards for its citizens.

At the same time, he reaffirmed that the priority project also includes road projects from Battambang to Siem Reap and Kampong Chhnang to Kampong Thom. The development of the country's railways is still necessary even though they cannot fully meet Cambodia's economic needs.

The railway in Cambodia is currently unable to run at high speeds within just 1 meter due to the width not complying with current international standards; in order to comply with international standards and run at a high speed, the railway must be expanded to 1,435 meters.

The average speed of Cambodia's railroads is 60 kilometers per hour. Separately, it is possible to run 90 kilometers per hour from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville.

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