CVEA announced a newly elected president

PHNOM PENH: Mr. Sorn Sieb was​ elected by the 13th General Assembly of the CVEA (Cambodian Valuers and Estate Agents Association) to succeed Mr. Chrek Soknim as Association President on 22, December 2022. The new chairman will be in office from 2023 to 2024.

The new president expressed his gratitude to the association’s members for their support in helping him win the election for the 8th term as CVEA president. He promises to lead the association and work harder to promote more growth.

He also provided a few strategic leadership plans, like “strengthening the inside, expanding the outside.”. While external expansion focuses on market potential as a whole, mobilizing more members, increasing sales, and enhancing CVEA’s reputation, internal strengthening entails capacity building through resource training and opening seminars.

Mr. Sorn Sieb, the founder, and president of Key Real Estate offers services for real estate appraisal, real estate buying and renting, and real estate project marketing. Key Real Estate was born in 2010 with three founders and an initial investment of only $ 20,000.




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