Cambodia revamps silk sector committee to drive industry growth

PHNOM PENH- April 8, 2024: 's silk industry is set for a significant transformation as the Cambodia Silk Sector Promotion and Development Committee (SDC) undergoes a revamp. H.E. Cham Nimul, and Chair of the SDC, led the committee's first meeting focused on revising its governing Prakas (decree).

Vice-Chairs, committee members from various ministries and institutions, and relevant officials participated in the discussions.

This revision aims to strengthen the SDC's role in promoting and developing Cambodia's silk sector. The meeting addressed two key objectives: introducing members to the revised SDC Prakas and outlining upcoming committee activities.

The SDC will leverage technology with the establishment of a dedicated Telegram group to facilitate information sharing and collaboration on initiatives. Additionally, a comprehensive sub-committee activity plan will be developed to ensure focused efforts.

A crucial aspect of the revamp involves drafting a national silk policy. This policy will provide a clear roadmap for the sector's development, ensuring sustainable growth and addressing industry needs. Furthermore, a national silk consultation forum will be organized to foster dialogue between stakeholders. This forum will provide a platform to share industry experiences and identify challenges that need to be addressed.

The Cambodian government's commitment to strengthening the SDC and its planned activities signal a bright future for the country's silk industry. These steps are expected to drive collaboration, growth, and a more robust silk sector in Cambodia.

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