Cambodia benefited greatly from hosting the big-spending SEA Games

: Cambodia has finally made a name for itself by becoming the historic host of the SEA Games, after decades of failure. Despite covering all expenses, totaling around $200 million, for participating countries, Cambodia could potentially benefit greatly from hosting the event.

The Moradok Techo National Stadium, costing $160 million to construct, is now the second largest in Southeast , after Malaysia's Bukit Jalil Stadium. Cambodia's government invested heavily in the sports sector, resulting in years of preparation and significant improvements in sports.

After missing out for over 60 years due to political issues, Cambodia finally participates in the region, reaping many benefits, including the opportunity to improve sports through investment and preparation.

Hosting the SEA Games will save Cambodia significant amounts of money that would have been spent on promoting its potential and prosperity to the world each year. With thousands of Cambodians attending the event and local and international media outlets providing indirect coverage, Cambodia will gain exposure and no longer need to spend as much on promotion. The experience of hosting such a big event will also prepare Cambodia to host future events.

Additionally, not having to spend money on participating countries' players will enable Cambodia to build closer ties with nations in the region, even though it is not as economically strong as some of them. The event will showcase Cambodia's potential to foreign investors, making investment and business activities in the country more active and busy.

Most importantly, hosting the 32nd SEA Games without incurring any expenses for participating delegations will become a significant legacy for Cambodia. The event's slogan, “SPORTS LIVE IN PEACE,” highlights the harmony of Cambodians living under the roof of peace, providing a sense of pride and unity for the country.

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