Another bridge and flyover to complete before Khmer New Year

PHNOM PENH: According to a senior official with the Phnom Penh Municipality, The Tonle Sap Bridge and the flyover on National Road No. 5 in Phnom Penh’s Russey Keo district are expected to complete in April 2023.

The bridge project across the Tonle Sap Russey Keo is currently 75% completed, while the flyover project on National Road No. 5 Russey Keo scheduled to open on January 31, 2022, has achieved 40% completion.

Another concrete bridge crossing the river worth more than $35 million connects National Road 5 to National Road 6A. The construction project expects to complete in March 2023. The bridge project is designed with a modern style, with four large pillars up to 40 meters tall for hanging cables.

Meanwhile, work on the Russey Keo Bridge at the intersection of National Road 5 has been busy to achieve the plan to facilitate people’s movement during the Khmer New Year to reduce traffic congestion, which is one of Cambodia’s biggest challenges.

There are six flyovers in Phnom Penh, including 1. Flyover over Kbal Thnal 2. The 7 Makara Flyover, also known as the Lok Sang Medical Traffic Light Bridge. 3. Flyover at Stung Meanchey 4. Makara flyover or less flyover, and 6. Chom Chao flyover and subway

Two more flyover projects were recently launched, where the first project is located at the intersection of Samdech Techo Hun Sen Boulevard, Monivong Boulevard, and Khemarak Phoumin Boulevard (St. 271). The second is at the crossroads of Russian Federation Boulevard, Boulevard Boulevard Kong Sam Ol (St. 2004), and St. 2011.

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