Why invest in Kandal province?

PHNOM PENH: Province, located at the heart of 's economy with its surrounding territory of the nation's capital, holds a dominant position in the country's garment manufacturing industry, along with numerous other manufacturing and service businesses.

The province is also a major agricultural producer, housing various horticulture and aquaculture businesses, and boasts of a young, energetic, well-educated, and diligent population – Cambodia's best labor force and a lucrative market for domestically-oriented businesses.

Kandal's strategic location ensures that all roads leading to and from Phnom Penh pass through the province, resulting in a well-connected transportation network and other crucial infrastructure, including an uninterrupted supply of electricity. Such factors make it an ideal location for businesses to establish themselves, as they are central in every sense of the word.

Additionally, Kandal is only four hours away from Cambodia's sole deep sea port in Sihanoukville, while sharing a border with Vietnam – making international trade convenient and cost-efficient, and granting access to cheaper electricity. As such, the province has the potential to broaden and deepen its industry base and is openly welcoming to new investors, whether local or foreign. Business registration and establishment procedures are streamlined, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Kandal Province has emerged as the new go-to destination for businesses looking to escape the soaring land and rental prices in the nation's capital, while still enjoying the benefits of a large market and central location. The province boasts an exceptional transportation infrastructure catering to local and export markets. With four major rivers flowing for 260km throughout Kandal, the region benefits from a valuable natural resource that also opens up transportation opportunities.

Furthermore, the province is serviced by 12 national roads, covering 446km (11% of Cambodia's total), resulting in six times the national average of kilometers of national road per square kilometer of area. These roads include National Road #1, connecting Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh City, and National Road 4, linking to Sihanoukville – Cambodia's only deep-sea port. These roads are part of the ASEAN road network and are in excellent condition, providing fast access to Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, and Vietnam.

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