US$114 million investment in Kratie bridge project shows strong progress

: The Bridge project in Kratie province is experiencing significant progress, with key infrastructure components nearing completion. A recent inspection by Cambodian Ministry of Public Works and Transport officials revealed positive developments on both the bridge structure and connecting roads.

Secretary of State Lim Sidenin, Project Director, led the inspection team. They found that construction on the bridge itself is 45% complete, with a target finish date of September 2026. Meanwhile, construction of the connecting roads has reached 15% completion. Overall, the entire project boasts a 30% physical progress rate, exceeding expectations.

During the inspection, Secretary of State Sidenin emphasized the importance of safety and efficiency in construction. He urged construction companies to refine their methods, prioritize worker safety, and install proper night lighting at bridge pillars.

Additionally, he called for increased machinery deployment and strict adherence to the work schedule to capitalize on the current dry season, which offers ideal conditions for road foundation construction. Rigorous testing at every stage of construction was also stressed to ensure the project meets all established standards.

Funded by a US$114 million concessional loan from China, the project is a collaborative effort between the Cambodian government and the Chinese government. The loan covers construction costs, while Cambodia contributes to demining efforts and other project-related taxes.

Shanghai Construction Company (SCG) is responsible for building the bridge, with technical supervision provided by Guangzhou Wanan Technical Consulting Company. The project is expected to be completed in 2026, as originally planned, with a total construction period of 42 months.

This significant investment in Kratie's infrastructure is expected to boost transportation, trade, and economic activity in the region upon completion.

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