Third Ring Road inauguration on 3rd August, a long wait finally over

PHNOM PENN: The Third Ring Road, a 53-kilometer-long highway connecting No. 4 to National Road No. 1 in Phnom Penh and Kandal provinces, will be officially inaugurated on August 3, 2023.

The Third Ring Road is a major infrastructure project that will help to reduce traffic congestion in Phnom Penh and improve connectivity between the capital city and other parts of the country. The road also has the potential to boost economic growth in the region by facilitating trade and .

The construction of the Third Ring Road began in January 2019 and was funded by a $273 million concessional loan from the Chinese government. The Royal Government of Cambodia contributed to the cost of demining and unexploded ordnance clearance.

The Third Ring Road is a four-lane highway with a width of up to 27 meters in the city and 25 meters outside of the city. The road includes four flyovers, two bridges across the Bassac River, and six medium and short bridges.

The inauguration of the Third Ring Road on August 3 will be a major milestone in the development of Phnom Penh and Cambodia. The road will help to improve the lives of millions of people and boost the economy of the country.

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