Third ring road confirmed for inauguration next month after delay

PHNOM PENH: According to the recent confirmation from the Senior Minister of Public Works and Transport, H.E. Sun Chanthol, the 53-kilometer-long Third ring road is scheduled to be officially inaugurated next month.

Minister emphasized in a recent interview that the construction is almost complete, with only a few minor works remaining. However, the exact date of the inauguration is still pending a decision from the Cambodian Government.

The project, which has an investment of $300 million, was built by Construction Group and supervised by Guangzhou Wanan Technical Consulting. The construction of the Third Ring Road was originally planned to take 42 months, but delays have occurred due to compensation issues for residents, combined with weather problems and the Covid-19 outbreak.

Despite the delays and uncertainty regarding the inauguration date, experts in transportation anticipate that the Third Ring Road will play a crucial role in easing travel and transportation of goods. Additionally, it is expected to help reduce traffic congestion around Phnom Penh. The road is poised to connect the city's southern and northern areas, which will make commutes much shorter and more convenient for residents of Phnom Penh and surrounding areas.

Overall, the inauguration of the Third Ring Road will be an important milestone in the country's transportation infrastructure. It is a significant investment that showcases Cambodia's determination to enhance economic development and create better travel networks for the benefit of its citizens.

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