Singapore-based firm to promote investment potential in Cambodia

PHNOM PENH:  Preap Kol, a Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister, welcomed a delegation​​ from -based firms and presented the Royal Government of 's position on promoting and protecting foreign direct investment in the country.

The delegation was led by Jonathan Por of PIF Capital, Grace Lim of Antz Capital, and Mo Zidan of Growth Partners Asia.

Por informed Preap Kol about the investment projects that Capital Investment Company is planning to implement in Cambodia. These projects would help small and medium enterprises in Cambodia to get foreign investment funds and to be able to list on the stock market.

Por also mentioned that the company plans to implement a charity project to promote education and vocational training in Cambodia.

Preap Kol expressed his support for Capital Investment Company's investment plans and promised to work with the company to strengthen Cambodian enterprises' capacity to meet foreign investors' needs. He also informed the delegation that all investment and trade in Cambodia must be organized in accordance with proper procedures.

The delegation thanked Preap Kol for his time and expressed their commitment to working with the Royal Government of Cambodia to promote investment in Cambodia. They also said that they are happy to work with Preap Kol and other relevant institutions to promote Cambodia to potential investors in Singapore and around the world.

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