Shanghai Baoye secures contract for 26-story Norodom Business Center

: Exciting news for Shanghai Baoye as they have won yet another construction contract overseas. The Norodom Business Center project will be located in Phnom Penh, , specifically on Norodom Blvd.

The 26-storey building will house commercial offices and a five-star hotel. The project encompasses approximately 44,000 square meters and stands 122.35 meters tall.

The multi-level project will include, a grade-A office building for 11-storey, a private parking lot, and a 220-room five-star hotel, all of which will be the collaborative effort between Shanghai Baoye and TP Moral Construction & Development Co., Ltd., a leading Cambodian enterprise.

Shanghai Baoye's successful execution of this project serves as a testament to its prowess in the Cambodian construction industry, as well as its brand value and market participation. Cementing its spot as a major player in the Cambodian market, this project will provide a springboard for long-term collaborations between the two companies.

Shanghai Baoye promises to put the “One Road and One Belt” initiative into practice through local strategies and ongoing, win-win collaboration efforts to construct high-quality projects while promoting environmentally friendly practices.

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