MOT accelerates implementation of coffee brewing skills training project to promote entrepreneurship

PHNOM PENH: The Ministry of Tourism (MOT) is accelerating the implementation of a coffee brewing skills training project to promote entrepreneurship. This project is part of the Royal Government's Pentagon strategy on training human resources, creating job opportunities, and promoting entrepreneurship.

The training program is free and open to unemployed women and the poor. It is divided into three sessions: two sessions on coffee-making and one session on food and beverage service. The course lasts for four months, including two months of theory and two months of internship.

The program is under the Ministry of Economy and Finance's Rural Infrastructure Sustainability Support for Farmers Market and Agricultural Trade (SAAMBAT) Phase II, which is implemented by the Hoka Project Management Committee of the Ministry of .

Mr. Chuob Ratana, Director of the Tourism Development Planning Department of the , explained that the SAAMBAT project is a free pre-implement course that trains participants to become coffee entrepreneurs. Students receive a $60 monthly stipend.

The program supports tourism by increasing employment in Battambang province, in line with the new government's strategy. It consists of two phases: 60 candidates for coffee-making and 40 candidates for food and beverage.

Mr. Ratana added that the project will help strengthen the capacity and training of coffee entrepreneurs, as most current business owners learn from work or each other, which limits their knowledge and service. He believes that the sector will be stronger and more prosperous in the future.

In collaboration with the Battambang Provincial Department of Tourism, this project now is running the second round of coffee-making training, there were a total of 33 participants, including 29 women.

The goal of the project is to provide participants with the skills they need to start their own coffee businesses or find jobs in the coffee business. The project also provides participants with benefits and job search assistance after the training.

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