Mondulkiri to develop 121 tourism projects across 6 areas

: The Tourism Development Master Plan of Mondulkiri Province will be responsible for development in the six strategic target areas through 121 tourism projects, including 16 priority projects and 28 relevant ministries and institutions.

According to Mr. Chuk Chumnor, Director of Tourism Product Development, the master plan identifies the main priorities, which include:

  1. Ecotourism and ecotourism corridors of the five wildlife sanctuaries, which allow only tourism investment and development. Consider the environment carefully.
  2. Busra Cultural and Ecotourism Corridor – Dak Dam, which promotes only ecotourism and ecotourism activities related to indigenous cultures.
  3. Sen Monorom city, which is a collection of multi-purpose tourism activities, is number three.
  4. Oreang district area linked with Mondulkiri airport development, which can be developed as a satellite area linked to Sen Monorom city.
  5. The Koh Nhek district's urban area, which has the potential to be developed as a tourist center in the future, and the development is more extensive in the conservation area and
  6. Border integrated tourist areas that allow for the development of integrated resorts, etc.

Mr. Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism, stated that this master plan will be an important strategic document for promoting tourism development in Mondulkiri province as well as the entire northeastern region, particularly in contributing to the northeast becoming Cambodia's fourth economic pole.

He also stated that the Mondulkiri airport construction permit will attract tourists and connect the tourist destinations of Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, and the coast to Mondulkiri and the entire northeastern region.

Mondulkiri Airport could be used as a regional airport in the future, connecting the city to neighboring tourist destinations such as Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos, as well as major ASEAN cities and other countries such as Japan and . Australia and the Middle East, for example, take 5-7 hours.

Mr. Thong Khon also urged businesses and investors to take advantage of Mondulkiri's opportunity to develop and invest in tourism and related sectors in order to achieve the vision set out and achieved. Encourage Mondulkiri to be ready to seize tourism development opportunities that are expanding rapidly due to the strength of its potential.

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