Ministry Achieves 85% Resolution Rate in Land Dispute Cases

PHNOM PENH: According to yesterday's meeting of the Ministry of Land Management, (MLMUPC), the Ministry has achieved a remarkable milestone in resolving land disputes across Cambodia.

The report highlights that the MLMUPC has successfully settled 13,329 cases out of a total of 15,642, translating to an impressive resolution rate of 85.21%. This progress signifies significant headway in addressing land disputes within the country.

The MLMUPC prioritizes a “win-win” approach, utilizing established mechanisms like the Cadastral Commission, the National Land Dispute Resolution Authority, and the Land Dispute Resolution Working Group. These entities facilitate cooperation between parties involved in the disputes, aiming for solutions such as land size adjustments, relocation agreements, or the issuance of title deeds.

The report further details the various types of land disputes addressed by the MLMUPC. These include issues related to unclear land tenure, duplicate land titles or applications, and claims on state land within protected areas. Additionally, the Ministry tackles a range of challenges, including requests for intervention in disputes, surveyor appointments, land demarcation, construction inspections, and expediting land transfer registrations.

By systematically registering land and resolving disputes, the MLMUPC aspires to transform Cambodia's land environment. This initiative not only strengthens land management and use planning practices but also paves the way for leveraging the country's geographical and natural resources to generate national income.

The country has a tropical monsoon climate with high levels of rainfall. About 30% of the country's land is agricultural and 7% of cropland is irrigated. Over half of the country's area (59%) is forested; deforestation is occurring at an annual rate of 1.3%. About one-quarter of all land in Cambodia is designated as protected areas (World Bank 2009a; USDOS 2011; FAO 2010).

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