Meeting for Phnom Penh-Bavet expressway groundbreaking preparation

PHNOM PENH: The construction of the 138km long Phnom Penh-Bavet expressway is set to begin on June 7, 2023, with the groundbreaking ceremony being prepared by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.

The ministry recently organized a working group meeting, chaired by the H.E. Secretary of State, to prepare for the ceremony. The meeting, which was attended by ministry leaders and technical officers, outlined the responsibilities and roles of working group members to ensure the coordination and success of the program.

The infrastructure project is set to become Cambodia's second expressway, providing a much-needed boost to the country's transportation network and spurring economic growth in the region.

The project, estimated to cost $1.4 billion, is expected to be completed by late 2026 or early 2027, providing a fast, convenient link between Phnom Penh and the border town of Bavet.

The agreement to build the road was signed in November 2022 between the Cambodian government and a Chinese state-owned construction company. The expressway will not only improve connectivity between the two cities but also open up opportunities for more efficient and commerce, making Cambodia a more attractive destination for foreign investors.


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