Kratie Mekong River bridge construction ahead of schedule

PHNOM PENH: The construction of a crucial bridge across the Mekong River in Kratie province is progressing significantly, with completion expected ahead of the original schedule.

As of March 2024, the project has achieved 32% overall physical progress. Bridge construction itself is already at 45.5%, exceeding expectations. This positive development comes after a recent inspection by Cambodia's of Public Works and Transport, HE Minister Peng Ponea, along with other officials.

While the project was initially planned for completion in September 2026, construction companies involved in the project, including Shanghai Construction Company (SCG), reported progress exceeding expectations, indicating an earlier completion date.

The bridge project is a collaborative effort between the Cambodian and Chinese governments, funded by a US$114 million concessional loan from China. The loan covers construction costs, with Cambodia contributing to demining efforts and other project-related .

Minister Peng Ponea urged all stakeholders to prioritize construction safety and maintain high technical standards to ensure the bridge's longevity.

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