Koh Kong’s first international-seaport set to open this year

PHNOM PENH: A new international seaport is set to open in Koh Kong province in the coming months, following significant investment from a private company. The Koh Kong Port Management Company has invested in the new port, which is located in Koh Sdach Commune, Kirisakor District.

It has the capacity to store and transfer tens of thousands of tons of cargo per year, making it a valuable addition to the region's transportation infrastructure.

According to recent reports, the provincial administration is currently reviewing the procedures for launching the port. This involves ensuring that the launch is compliant with Cambodia's investment laws, as well as preparing proposals to relevant government ministries and agencies. Ms. Inary Net, Deputy Governor of Koh Kong Province, recently chaired a meeting with the company to discuss these procedures in more detail.

During the meeting, Ms. Inary Net confirmed that the provincial administration would issue a letter in support of the port's official opening. This will help to ensure that the launch process runs as smoothly as possible, allowing the port to begin receiving cargo and other shipments from around the world.

Meanwhile, local officials have also confirmed that the launch is on track to take place in the second half of 2023. The Governor of Koh Kong Province, Lok Chumteav Mithona Phu Thong, recently confirmed this in a publication by the Phnom Penh on May 5, 2023.

Overall, the launch of the new international seaport is set to be an important milestone for the region, bringing new opportunities for , business growth, and economic development. With support from the provincial administration and the private sector, it is hoped that the port will become a vital hub for shipping in Southeast Asia and beyond.

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