Koh Kong gears up to become international eco-tourism destination

PHNOM PENH: Koh Kong is taking a major step towards becoming an international eco-tourism destination. On April 4th, a meeting was held in the province to review and evaluate the progress of the Tourism Development Plan (2021-2025).

This plan prioritizes tourism as a key driver of economic growth and local livelihoods. The long-term vision is to establish Koh Kong as a leading international community eco-tourism destination.

The meeting, led by Deputy Governor of Koh Kong province Mr. On Sothearith and representatives, assessed the implementation of the plan's 8 strategies and 156 action plans. While significant progress has been made with over 78% of activities completed, some areas require further attention. The meeting identified 34 projects that haven't been implemented yet.

For on-site verification, a working group visited five locations including Pak Klang management, the Khemarak Phoumin night market construction site, the Peam Krasop tourist information center, public toilets in the Peam Krasop Nature Reserve, and waste management facilities at resorts.

Following the assessment, the provincial administration plans to revise the plan by removing duplicate projects and introducing new ones. Key recommendations include strengthening the Provincial Tourism Development Committee, fostering collaboration with relevant institutions, attracting tourism investment, and ensuring sustainable development of the sector.

This renewed focus on eco-tourism positions Koh Kong to become a leading international destination for environmentally conscious travelers.

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