Investment leader IDI meets Urban Village to discuss collaboration

PHNOM PENH: In a recent meeting, Dr. Hor Sereyvath, Chairman of the Board of Directors of leading association IDI, welcomed Catherine Chan, Founder and Executive Director of Urban Village at Goldfame Group, to their Phnom Penh headquarters.

The discussion centered on potential collaboration between the entities. Dr. Sereyvath expressed his appreciation for Goldfame Group's three decades of investment in Cambodia and their ongoing commitment to expanding and attracting further investment to the country.

He highlighted the value of foreign perspectives in Cambodia's development and welcomed opportunities for collaboration and mutual support. Dr. Sereyvath praised Ms. Chan and other foreign investors he considers “brothers and sisters” for their dedication to Cambodia's growth.

The meeting emphasized a shared goal: promoting investment to positively develop Cambodia. Urban Village, known for its innovative shared living condominium project, fosters a close-knit community with access to shared amenities and services. This meeting also suggests a potential alliance between these leading entities, potentially shaping the future of Cambodian real estate and fostering a stronger investment landscape.

, boasting a diverse group of 101 local founding investors, leverage their collective market knowledge and experience to build dynamic partnerships and support investors, partners, and entrepreneurs.

Urban Village has proved to be one of the most successful condominium projects in Phnom Penh, now in Phase two the project looks set for further high performance with investors. Urban Living Solution, the developer has announced phase 2 is an addition of two 51-storey residential buildings that consist of a variety of “luxury but affordable” units including three-bedroom, two-bedrooms, one-bedroom and loft.

Urban Village is an award-winning project that focuses on community lifestyles. Urban Village project designs are inspired by the Cambodian traditional life. They add a modern twist to the project.


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