IDI meets IDC to discuss CP ALL cooperation and other investments

PHNOM PENH: Dr. Hor Sereyvath, President of the Association of Investors, Innovation, and Development () and Chairman of the Board of ID Capital Plc. (), hosted the 6th meeting on the afternoon of September 3, 2022, at The Ming Palace Restaurant, the venue for IDI members.

The sixth meeting of the Innovation and Development Investors Association (IDI) and ID Capital Plc. (IDC) is centered on collaboration with CP ALL, the announcement of sub-sectors for investment, the second approved investment project, the six ongoing investment projects, and the provision of financial literacy training.

The following objectives were met as a result of the meeting:

1 – The announcement of the Retail and Agriculture Trading Cooperation with CP ALL

2- Seven sub-sectors have been identified for the investment, and two more are in the consideration

3- The announcement of the second project in the service sector after the first has invested more than $13 million

4- 6 projects are under consideration, with 4 in the services sector, 1 in agriculture, and another 1 in real estate

5-The global financial knowledge training in collaboration with BICMARKET

The Ming Palace Restaurant was chosen as a meeting venue because some of our IDI members are investors in the hospitality services sector. This venue may provide an opportunity to share knowledge and experience while investing in this promising field.

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