IDI meet with DoubleDoor to extend Cambodian product and investment

PHNOM PENH: On September 12, 2022, Dr. Hor Sereyvath, President of the Innovation & Development Investors Association (IDI) and Chairman of the Board of ID Capital Plc. () led members to meet with Mr. Kim Chahuot, the Consul General of Cambodia in the Western United States, and Ms. Amy Kwan, Founder of at ID Capital Plc. Office.

Dr. Hor Sereyvath warmly welcomed the delegation on their study visit to Cambodia's economy and investment, including markets, agriculture, garments, and real estate. He also informed the delegation about 's and IDC's investment focus in three key sectors: real estate, services, and agriculture, as well as 13 sub-sectors. IDI and IDC currently have 101 members and over 130 business affiliates in the three areas mentioned above.

He emphasized that IDI and IDC were interested in collaborating to export agricultural and garment products to the US, including as a real estate service partner with, as discussed in areas where IDI and IDC Focus on investment.

Mr. Kim Chahot responded by expressing his interest in recognizing Cambodia's potential in the agricultural sector, which can export quality agricultural products to meet demand as well as garments to the US market. He will hold additional discussions with ID Capital Plc investors.

According to Ms. Amy Kwan, is a real estate service broker that provides a form for overseas investors to buy real estate in Cambodia, which can help them hedge against risks and maximize their return on investment.

As a result of the mutual understanding talks, the prospects for cooperation and investment have been smooth and fruitful.

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