Chinese company to invest in a plant for electric vehicles

PHNOM PENH: China Matrix Technology Group-Horche Intelligent Automobile has expressed interest in investing in industrial technology by establishing an electric car assembly plant in .

On October 22, 2022, Mrs. Mithona Phu Thong, Governor of Koh Kong Province, and a delegation of companies led by Mr. LIU CHUANFU, CEO of China Matrix Technology Group-Horche Intelligent, held a discussion meeting.

Mrs. Mithona Phu Thong, on behalf of the Koh Kong Provincial Administration, stated that this working meeting is an opportunity for the Koh Kong Provincial Administration to strengthen relations and help Chinese investment companies understand the policy of land and resource cooperation. The province, where is potential opportunities in the technology sector of the electric car industry.

Koh Kong Province is divided into 119 villages and has a total area of 10,045.58 km2 and a population of 143,492 people, 72,485 of whom are females. In 2022, the population density is 13 people per square kilometer, with a poverty rate of 7.4%. Around 55.5% of the population is a subsistence farmer who relies on agriculture as their primary source of income.

Aside from agriculture, other sectors such as industry accounted for 0.3%, and services accounted for 44.2%, with the labor force employed in factories, enterprises, and the private sector accounting for approximately 15.1% of the total population.

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